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Mr. Nobody and “realm of alternatives”.

I just decided to write English.

You know, there are a lot of movies around the world, but some of them are ordinary and they don’t make much of an impression on us. But some of them are great; they are like a bolt of lighting in the dark. A good movie can change our life or our approach to others.One of these films is Mr. Nobody. The film is completely different from other, ordinary movies. It  was released in 2009.

If I wanted to explain the main idea of the movie in one sentence, I would say:

We are born, grow, create, and die, but the most important thing we do is we Love.

Mr.Nobody is about true love and human relationships. The film is sophisticated and has very deep ideas and philosophy, but at the same time it is easy to watch, dynamic and, let’s say, lively.  The director of the movie is Jaco Van Dormael.

Another interesting thing is that I have bad memory for actors’ faces. Of course I know the famous actors, but only a few. When I started watching this film I didn’t recognize the actor who plays the main character. He did a great job in the film and he was perfect for the role. But his face seemed familiar. This period [??] I started to listen to the group “30 second to Mars”, and I liked them. It was impressive to know that Jared Leto is not only lead vocalist and multi-instrumental musician of this group, but he is also a great actor.

Of course by the middle of movie I recognized him, and then I remembered that I had seen him in the past in different films. For example, he stars in Alexander  and in another good movie – Fight Club.

Every day we make thousands of choices, from very minor ones like what clothes to wear or what to eat today, to very complex ones like career path, relationships, faith, etc. In this film we see people make different choices, and how these choices influence their life. And it looks like there aren’t any good or bad choices, that all of them move us forward to a different future. We  see not a linear life, but a “realm of alternatives”. So the film contains a lot of branching off, and all of the branches take us to a different future.

The soundtrack and the cinematography deserve separate mention. The music sets the mood perfectly. I can only give a few great examples: Everyday by Buddy Holly or Sweet Dreams by Eurhythmics. The cinematography is wonderful, sometimes the colors in the film are warm, like warm plaid, and sometimes they repulse slightly, like a cold shade of blue.     

My friend, I highly recommend that you watch Mr. Nobody. I believe you will enjoy the time you spend with Nemo, Anna and the other characters. And I will join you, because this kind of film I want to watch again and again. And there are many things to think about every time you watch.

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your english's so good! but my is not, so I'll speak russian))

ты уже второй человек, кто так впечатлился этим фильмом. Надо посмотреть.
я примерно знаю о чем кино. Мне несколько раз в жизни хотелось сохраниться и прожить параллельную жизнь, альтернативную и посмотреть, что будет))) но это, конечно, от лукавого))

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